About Us

waterTAP IN ARLINGTON is a grassroots effort aimed at educating Arlington residents about the cost and environmental impact of single-use plastic water bottles, and about the alternatives to using these plastic bottles. People are increasingly concerned about the degradation of our environment and effects of climate change yet feel that they are unable to individually affect change. This campaign will give people an opportunity to personally make a difference through changing their behavior in a significant way.

- In 2009, the Arlington County Board passed a resolution banning the use of taxpayer funds to purchase single use, bottled water – with a very few exceptions. That resolution spoke to the environmental cost of producing, transporting and disposing of these bottles.

Arlington is a generally progressive, urban community with a historical commitment to environmental sustainability through its smart growth planning, Arlington Initiative to Reduce Emissions, and Community Energy Plan. Arlington residents rank 2nd in the US in terms of educational attainment, behind neighboring Falls Church. How will Arlingtonians respond to the facts?

Goal – We set an ambitious goal to have 10,000 Arlington residents (about 5% of the population) make a personal pledge that, “I choose to drink tap water instead of purchasing single-use plastic water bottles.”  We believe our community is capable of achieving this goal through extensive community education and outreach.  TAP IN ARLINGTON volunteers will make presentations and engage in community discussions at meetings of local civic association, organizations and neighborhood gatherings.  You may see volunteers with clipboards at farmer’s markets and school and neighborhood events.  Social media will also be used to encourage people to sign the pledge.